Mr Bunny’ s Chocolate Factory – Happy Easter!

In English, we have been using the book Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory to help and inspire us to write a set of instructions. Mr Bunny is a bossy bunny who runs an Easter egg factory, he isn’t a very nice boss to the chickens and Edgar the quality control unicorn but they do make yummy eggs and he learns his lesson in the end! We have absolutely loved this book but Mr Bunny needed some help writing instructions on how to make chocolate eggs, because his weren’t very good!

Throughout this unit we have learnt how to write a great set of instructions, we have been practising using time conjunctions, bossy (imperative) verbs and Year 2 have been using adverbs and conjunctions to add more detail.

To help us with our final big write, we set up our very own chocolate factory and made chocolate eggs (well halves of chocolate eggs)! Step by step, we went through the process and orally composed our instructions along the way. Our favourite parts were melting the chocolate and putting on the sprinkles… oh and eating them!

This was a great English unit… or rather a yummy one and hopefully we taught Mr Bunny a thing or two before the Easter rush!

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