African Drumming

As part of our ‘Holidays’ topic we have been exploring music from around the world. We have been looking particularly closely at African music and over the last few weeks have been using and performing on African drums. Mrs Kay taught us a few different rhythms and how to change the dynamics of the drum by hitting it differently. To help us learn the rhythms we used rhymes in order to count the beats and remember their tempo. They were ‘coffee tea, coffee tea’ and ‘chicken tikka, chicken tikka’. Once we had mastered those we tried putting them together, then having 1 half of the class play one rhythm and the other half the second AND we even tried making up our own to fit our drum piece! Because we were so good, together with Mrs Kay, we practised the technique of call and response and made a brilliant recording of our piece! We had so much fun playing the African Drums and we all worked so well together!

Here are some photos and a video of us practising.

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