Green Eggs and Ham

Over the course of the of the last few weeks we have been focusing on the Dr Seuss text Green Eggs and Ham. In English we have been focusing on rhyming and different types of sentences and have written our very own Green Eggs and Ham poems. We changed Sam I Am, the food and where we would not want to eat them! They are currently displayed on our wall and Mrs Kay thinks we’ve given Dr Suess a run for his money!

After doing so much work on Green Eggs and Ham we really really wanted to make it and see for ourselves what it tasted like… and decide if we were Sam I Ams or Grumpy Grouches.

We first made it using lots of different materials from the creation station but what we were really waiting for is for Mrs Kay to bring in the ingredients for us to make it and eat it. Mrs Kay had already boiled the Eggs so-we peeled them first and we cut the egg in half and scooped out all of the yolk. Then we put it in a bowl altogether. Following this we added a spoonful of mayonnaise and a dash of green food colouring. We took turns mixing it until we had a green yolk mixture. We then took a teaspoon each and scooped some of the green yolk and put it back into our egg whites. Mrs Kay gave us some Ham and on the count of three we all took a bite of our Eggs. Some of us thought it was yummy, some of us thought it was super gross! We asked Mrs Kay to take lots of photos… so here they are!

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