World Book Day

Following all the wonderful snow we had, we finally got to have our world book day. Everyone in the class came in dressed as one of their favourite characters from a book and some of us even brought the book to match it. We all looked amazing in our costumes… even the teachers, who came as Oompa Loompas!

As part of our day we did lots of different book related activities.

In English at the moment we are looking at the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Suess. He is a very famous author, so as part of our day we wrote poems in the style of this book but ours was called I Will Read! We thought of lots of strange places we could read and made them rhyme too! Our poems turned out so well that they are now stuck up in our book corner!


For this activity Mrs Webb and Mr Arnold stood in the corridor and blew a whistle. They did this a few times during the day and we had to STOP what we were doing, DROP our pencils and READ wherever we wanted (or could fit) in the class room.

Here are some of the places we chose to read…

We had a fabulous world book day, we enjoyed sharing our books with each other, the costume parade and it was great to finish it all off with a special world book day sticker and our £1 book tokens! We can’t wait for next year do it all again!

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