Trip Day!

On Wednesday 7th March we got to go and see George’s Marvellous Medicine with the other schools in the USF at the Princess Theatre in Torquay.

Our day started at 9am when we travelled on our mini buses all the way to Torquay. We asked quite a few times if we were nearly there yet but luckily our sing alongs to the radio with Mrs Kay and Mrs Burroughs kept most of us distracted!

When we arrived it was really sunny and we all thought Torquay looked beautiful, some of us even decided we wanted to live there!

The theatre was big and the seats were super comfy. We got there just in time for it start… and WOW it was FANTASTIC!

Some of our favourite parts were:

When the chicken ran across the stage doing karate

When George and Grandma were dancing and dabbed

When Grandma sat on a whoopee cushion

When Grandma pressed the big red buzzer and it made a really loud noise

When Grandma grew and her arms got crazy long

After the show had finished we made the most of the sunny morning and sat and ate our lunch on the bay looking out to the sea. Unfortunately just as we were finishing the sun disappeared very quickly and it started to hail, luckily we had already started packing up as the adults had spotted a very big black cloud!

We really loved this trip, lots of us thought it was the best trip we had ever been on and we were so well behaved, a real credit to St Mary’s!

The show was ‘absolutely amazing’ and we can’t wait to start our English unit on George’s Marvellous Medicine!

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