Film Week 29.1.18 – 2.2.18

On Monday we went to see Sing in Newton Abbot cinema with the other schools in the federation. We absolutely loved it, we clapped and sang along with the songs and even got to eat our lunch in the cinema… but shhhh don’t tell anyone!

Following our trip to the cinema we found out that the Gingerbread Man wanted to audition for Mr Moon’s singing competition so we decided to help him out and write him a rap.

We wrote our raps in small groups and practised them so we didn’t have to keep looking at the words like the performers in the film. We also made microphones to make us more professional and then we performed them in our very own Moon Theatre on a golden glittery stage.

Here we are practising and making our microphones!

As you can see we put in loads of effort… here is a glimpse of our performances.

Next time our parents come and see our books they will be able to see our amazing final performances on our new class I-pad. We can’t wait to show you! We have definitely written prize winning raps!

As well as creating raps we acted out scenes from the film and recreated them using construction and small world toys.

The Moon Theatre and Johnny playing his piano by Thomas

Jonny’s dad, Jonny and their getaway car by Finley

The Moon Theatre by Lynsey

The Moon Theatre under construction by Jacob, Seb, Frankie and Tyler

Potter Class have had a great film week!

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