Art – People of the Past

During our art sessions this half term we are focusing on an important artist, his name is Pablo Picasso. We learnt about where and when he was from and the type of artwork he liked to create. Picasso was a pioneer of Cubism and this is what we are trying to recreate with our own artwork. As well as learning about Picasso, this week we are learning about Christopher Columbus. He was a famous explorer and during his travels he crossed the uncharted seas. At the time of Columbus these seas had never been crossed before and many believed there were lots of magical, mythical creatures inhabiting them.

For our artwork we have created our own mythical sea creature, then in the style of Picasso’s cubism, we have used a ruler to separate our drawing into lots of different segments. We have then painted these segments making sure that none of the same colour are next to each other – this helps our work to take on more of the cubist style.

We have drawn some amazing creatures and learnt how to paint carefully with a paint brush.

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