Arts Week

Our Arts Week focus was the Chinese New Year. We learnt all about the different festivities they have and the reasons they have them. We found out why each animal became a year in the Zodiac and why they use the colours red and gold a lot – it is because they believe it means good luck. Throughout the week we have been having a go at different Chinese art. We have made Chinese Lanterns and Drums in the colours of red and gold AND we helped make an amazing Chinese dragon.

On Tuesday we made Chinese Fans. We learnt how to fold them and decorated them beautifully. We used these as part of our Chinese fan dancing with Alex. Our performance of this was on Friday in front of our friends and family. Despite only having two practices, we were amazing!

As well as art, food is also a big part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, so on Thursday we tried a variety of dishes they might eat as part of their festivities.  Most of us thought it was very tasty! Our favourites were the Noodles and Chinese vegetables, Prawn Crackers and Spring Rolls. Yummy!

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