Fantastic Flowers

This term our topic is Flowers and Insects, but for this half-term it’s all about flowers!

We have conducted two experiments to explore how flowers and plants work.

Our first experiment was to find out what conditions a seed could grow in. We planted runner bean seeds in groups and decided how we could test them. We ended up with one seed with no water, one seed with lots and lots of water, one seed with only water, one seed in the dark(in the science cupboard), one seed that had a little bit of everything and we even put one seed in the freezer! Over the course of a few weeks we have studied the progress of our seed and discovered that our seed definitely won’t grow when it is frozen and goes ‘mouldy and gross’ in lots of water! We created seed diaries to monitor our seeds progress and drew pictures of its different states.


Mr Bunny’ s Chocolate Factory – Happy Easter!

In English, we have been using the book Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory to help and inspire us to write a set of instructions. Mr Bunny is a bossy bunny who runs an Easter egg factory, he isn’t a very nice boss to the chickens and Edgar the quality control unicorn but they do make yummy eggs and he learns his lesson in the end! We have absolutely loved this book but Mr Bunny needed some help writing instructions on how to make chocolate eggs, because his weren’t very good!

Throughout this unit we have learnt how to write a great set of instructions, we have been practising using time conjunctions, bossy (imperative) verbs and Year 2 have been using adverbs and conjunctions to add more detail.

To help us with our final big write, we set up our very own chocolate factory and made chocolate eggs (well halves of chocolate eggs)! Step by step, we went through the process and orally composed our instructions along the way. Our favourite parts were melting the chocolate and putting on the sprinkles… oh and eating them!

This was a great English unit… or rather a yummy one and hopefully we taught Mr Bunny a thing or two before the Easter rush!

Money, Money, Money!

For the last 2 weeks we’ve been looking at money! We have learnt about the different coins and notes and are practising using them to help pay for items. Mrs Rundle let us borrow some real notes from the office, we looked at them so closely it was really cool! Mrs Kay and Mrs Molland spotted things they hadn’t seen on them before, our favourite note was the £10; we loved the holograms! During lesson time we have been learning to combine coins to make different amounts and are practising giving change from 10p, 20p, 50p and £1. Year 2 are looking at worded problems using all the different operations. Money is tricky but we are doing amazingly and already feel so much more confident!

Pirate Day

Today we were pirates and made our own treasure trail around the school! Rosen Class Year 1 and the whole of Potter Class joined together to make one big pirate crew! Then we had to make clue cards to help other teams find where we had hidden our treasure, we had to make sure our clues were cryptic so it wasn’t too easy! After this we were given a map of the school and the grounds and we plotted our trail on the map! Finally we got to go on our treasure trails, we raced around the school trying to be the first team to find the treasures! At the end of our awesome day we collected house point coins as our reward!

World Book Day

What an amazing World Book Day we had! All of our costumes were amazing, our class and our parents made a really great effort!

We started off our day making bookmarks. We drew pictures of the characters we came as and Mrs Kay laminated them so we can use them at home!

Just before break time we had our costume parade. We all walked round the playground showing off our outfits and one person from each year group won a prize! In our class Bobbie and Zach won – Bobbie was the giant jam sandwich and Zach was a dragon!

Year 2 went into Dahl Class and took a survey of their favourite books – the winner was The Diary of Wimpy Kid! We then made a pictograms of the results. Whilst year 2 were doing this year 1 were writing poems with Miss Kelly… they were great!

Throughout the day we did Stop, Drop and Read, this is where the bell rings and we have to read in a crazy place. At the end of the day Mrs Kay even let us sit on the tables! We had an awesome World Book Day and enjoyed sharing our books together!

The Great Fire of London

This term our topic is Time Travellers, we will be travelling through time in our time machine to explore different events in history.

Our first stop was The Great Fire of London.

Throughout this half term we have been learning all about what happened on Pudding Lane. We played an amazing game and got to help put out the fire using leather buckets, fire hooks and even gunpowder!

We reported for the London Gazette and wrote in Samuel Pepys diary and learnt all about how the people would have lived on Pudding Lane.

To finish off our learning about The Great Fire of London we made houses just like the ones that got burnt down! We designed them first and thought carefully about the styles and materials of the house. Together, with the year 1s in Rosen Class, we constructed our own Pudding Lane right here in Brixton! Luckily, ours hasn’t burnt down… yet!

Fire Safety

This week we had the fire service in to talk to Year 2 about fire safety. Year 2 learned about what the fire service do and what steps to follow should they ever see a fire start. They also listened to how they could ensure that they kept their homes safe from fire and what they could do to help prevent a fire in their home or school. They talked about what would happen should their clothes catch fire and practised ‘stop, drop and roll’! They told the fire service all about our fire routine and why it was important to follow it and afterwards got to try on the visitors uniform and learnt how it keeps them safe.