Happy Easter!

This week the children have been creating their Easter cards for their families. They used their printing skills to make little chicks on the front of their cards.

Today we made Easter baskets ready for our Easter hunt around the school. They had to work as a team to find one chick each. Unfortunately the wind meant we had a few flying chicks who didn’t want to stay in their baskets!

Happy Easter from Potter Class!

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Red Nose Day 2021!

Today we celebrated Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. The children really enjoyed dressing in red or as a superhero. We had a chat about why we have Red Nose Day each year and who we will be helping by donating money.

Happy Red Nose Day from Potter class!

Back together!

This week we have been settling back in to school life after time at home. The children have worked incredibly hard and have been very busy. We began our week by reminding ourselves how our brains work and what we can do to stay calm. We had a go at labelling the important parts of our brain.

This week we also began a new English text called ‘Daisy Doodles’ and on Wednesday the children had a go at acting out the story in small groups. They particularly enjoyed choosing the characters they were going to act out. We ended our week in Potter Class by creating our Mother’s Day cards. The children very carefully created a flower hand print and then took their time to finger paint the petals on their cards. The children were very proud of their finished cards and couldn’t wait to take them home!

World Book Day 2021

Today we celebrated World Book day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. We had a story time from Mr Clements in the morning and then wrote our very own book reviews. In the afternoon the children created their own bookmarks that they could take home and then had a go at drawing their favourite book character.

We all enjoyed seeing the children at home who had all dressed up too! We played a game where we had to guess everyone’s character from their chosen outfit.

Let’s build a Lego City!

This week we started a new English unit where we will be exploring instruction writing. Our new class text is ‘Lego City: Let’s build this City!’. The children began the week by having a go at creating their own Lego house. The children then wrote their own instructions for their house. The children really enjoyed getting hands on with the building and managed to build some great houses.

Learning about our brains

On Friday we spent the afternoon learning about brains and the important jobs they have. We explored three different parts of our brain. One was the prefrontal cortex (the wise owl). This part of the brain helps us to learn. The second part was the hippocampus (the elephant). This is the part of the brain that helps us to remember things. Finally we explored the amygdala (the guard dog). This part controls how we feel and our emotions. If we feel angry or scared our guard dog can take over and stop us thinking clearly.

We thought it would be nice to create our own elephants, guard dogs and owls to help us remember these important parts of our brain. The children really enjoyed using paper plates to create their animals.

Kevin the Koala

In English our current topic is poetry. We have been looking at a range of poems this week and in particular a poem about a koala called Kevin. We have read the poem several times as a class and today we have been reciting the poem in groups.

We learnt some actions to help us learn the first verse and then in small groups we came up with more actions for other verses. The children then performed their poems to the rest of the class.

Potter class have really enjoyed learning about Kevin the koala and are excited to begin writing their own poems!

Fantastic Flowers

This term our topic is Flowers and Insects, but for this half-term it’s all about flowers!

We have conducted two experiments to explore how flowers and plants work.

Our first experiment was to find out what conditions a seed could grow in. We planted runner bean seeds in groups and decided how we could test them. We ended up with one seed with no water, one seed with lots and lots of water, one seed with only water, one seed in the dark(in the science cupboard), one seed that had a little bit of everything and we even put one seed in the freezer! Over the course of a few weeks we have studied the progress of our seed and discovered that our seed definitely won’t grow when it is frozen and goes ‘mouldy and gross’ in lots of water! We created seed diaries to monitor our seeds progress and drew pictures of its different states.

Mr Bunny’ s Chocolate Factory – Happy Easter!

In English, we have been using the book Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory to help and inspire us to write a set of instructions. Mr Bunny is a bossy bunny who runs an Easter egg factory, he isn’t a very nice boss to the chickens and Edgar the quality control unicorn but they do make yummy eggs and he learns his lesson in the end! We have absolutely loved this book but Mr Bunny needed some help writing instructions on how to make chocolate eggs, because his weren’t very good!

Throughout this unit we have learnt how to write a great set of instructions, we have been practising using time conjunctions, bossy (imperative) verbs and Year 2 have been using adverbs and conjunctions to add more detail.

To help us with our final big write, we set up our very own chocolate factory and made chocolate eggs (well halves of chocolate eggs)! Step by step, we went through the process and orally composed our instructions along the way. Our favourite parts were melting the chocolate and putting on the sprinkles… oh and eating them!

This was a great English unit… or rather a yummy one and hopefully we taught Mr Bunny a thing or two before the Easter rush!

Money, Money, Money!

For the last 2 weeks we’ve been looking at money! We have learnt about the different coins and notes and are practising using them to help pay for items. Mrs Rundle let us borrow some real notes from the office, we looked at them so closely it was really cool! Mrs Kay and Mrs Molland spotted things they hadn’t seen on them before, our favourite note was the £10; we loved the holograms! During lesson time we have been learning to combine coins to make different amounts and are practising giving change from 10p, 20p, 50p and £1. Year 2 are looking at worded problems using all the different operations. Money is tricky but we are doing amazingly and already feel so much more confident!