Green Eggs and Ham

Over the course of the of the last few weeks we have been focusing on the Dr Seuss text Green Eggs and Ham. In English we have been focusing on rhyming and different types of sentences and have written our very own Green Eggs and Ham poems. We changed Sam I Am, the food and where we would not want to eat them! They are currently displayed on our wall and Mrs Kay thinks we’ve given Dr Suess a run for his money!

After doing so much work on Green Eggs and Ham we really really wanted to make it and see for ourselves what it tasted like… and decide if we were Sam I Ams or Grumpy Grouches.

We first made it using lots of different materials from the creation station but what we were really waiting for is for Mrs Kay to bring in the ingredients for us to make it and eat it. Mrs Kay had already boiled the Eggs so-we peeled them first and we cut the egg in half and scooped out all of the yolk. Then we put it in a bowl altogether. Following this we added a spoonful of mayonnaise and a dash of green food colouring. We took turns mixing it until we had a green yolk mixture. We then took a teaspoon each and scooped some of the green yolk and put it back into our egg whites. Mrs Kay gave us some Ham and on the count of three we all took a bite of our Eggs. Some of us thought it was yummy, some of us thought it was super gross! We asked Mrs Kay to take lots of photos… so here they are!


Sports Relief

To support sport relief we dressed up in our favourite sporting clothes! We shared with each other why we have sports relief and why it’s important to think of others. In the afternoon we took part in a whole school circuit of activities. We skipped, we sprinted, we raced and we practised our ball skills! Here are some photos of us enjoying our day!

Trip Day!

On Wednesday 7th March we got to go and see George’s Marvellous Medicine with the other schools in the USF at the Princess Theatre in Torquay.

Our day started at 9am when we travelled on our mini buses all the way to Torquay. We asked quite a few times if we were nearly there yet but luckily our sing alongs to the radio with Mrs Kay and Mrs Burroughs kept most of us distracted!

When we arrived it was really sunny and we all thought Torquay looked beautiful, some of us even decided we wanted to live there!

The theatre was big and the seats were super comfy. We got there just in time for it start… and WOW it was FANTASTIC!

Some of our favourite parts were:

When the chicken ran across the stage doing karate

When George and Grandma were dancing and dabbed

When Grandma sat on a whoopee cushion

When Grandma pressed the big red buzzer and it made a really loud noise

When Grandma grew and her arms got crazy long

After the show had finished we made the most of the sunny morning and sat and ate our lunch on the bay looking out to the sea. Unfortunately just as we were finishing the sun disappeared very quickly and it started to hail, luckily we had already started packing up as the adults had spotted a very big black cloud!

We really loved this trip, lots of us thought it was the best trip we had ever been on and we were so well behaved, a real credit to St Mary’s!

The show was ‘absolutely amazing’ and we can’t wait to start our English unit on George’s Marvellous Medicine!

World Book Day

Following all the wonderful snow we had, we finally got to have our world book day. Everyone in the class came in dressed as one of their favourite characters from a book and some of us even brought the book to match it. We all looked amazing in our costumes… even the teachers, who came as Oompa Loompas!

As part of our day we did lots of different book related activities.

In English at the moment we are looking at the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Suess. He is a very famous author, so as part of our day we wrote poems in the style of this book but ours was called I Will Read! We thought of lots of strange places we could read and made them rhyme too! Our poems turned out so well that they are now stuck up in our book corner!


For this activity Mrs Webb and Mr Arnold stood in the corridor and blew a whistle. They did this a few times during the day and we had to STOP what we were doing, DROP our pencils and READ wherever we wanted (or could fit) in the class room.

Here are some of the places we chose to read…

We had a fabulous world book day, we enjoyed sharing our books with each other, the costume parade and it was great to finish it all off with a special world book day sticker and our £1 book tokens! We can’t wait for next year do it all again!

Film Week 29.1.18 – 2.2.18

On Monday we went to see Sing in Newton Abbot cinema with the other schools in the federation. We absolutely loved it, we clapped and sang along with the songs and even got to eat our lunch in the cinema… but shhhh don’t tell anyone!

Following our trip to the cinema we found out that the Gingerbread Man wanted to audition for Mr Moon’s singing competition so we decided to help him out and write him a rap.

We wrote our raps in small groups and practised them so we didn’t have to keep looking at the words like the performers in the film. We also made microphones to make us more professional and then we performed them in our very own Moon Theatre on a golden glittery stage.

Here we are practising and making our microphones!

As you can see we put in loads of effort… here is a glimpse of our performances.

Next time our parents come and see our books they will be able to see our amazing final performances on our new class I-pad. We can’t wait to show you! We have definitely written prize winning raps!

As well as creating raps we acted out scenes from the film and recreated them using construction and small world toys.

The Moon Theatre and Johnny playing his piano by Thomas

Jonny’s dad, Jonny and their getaway car by Finley

The Moon Theatre by Lynsey

The Moon Theatre under construction by Jacob, Seb, Frankie and Tyler

Potter Class have had a great film week!

Art – People of the Past

During our art sessions this half term we are focusing on an important artist, his name is Pablo Picasso. We learnt about where and when he was from and the type of artwork he liked to create. Picasso was a pioneer of Cubism and this is what we are trying to recreate with our own artwork. As well as learning about Picasso, this week we are learning about Christopher Columbus. He was a famous explorer and during his travels he crossed the uncharted seas. At the time of Columbus these seas had never been crossed before and many believed there were lots of magical, mythical creatures inhabiting them.

For our artwork we have created our own mythical sea creature, then in the style of Picasso’s cubism, we have used a ruler to separate our drawing into lots of different segments. We have then painted these segments making sure that none of the same colour are next to each other – this helps our work to take on more of the cubist style.

We have drawn some amazing creatures and learnt how to paint carefully with a paint brush.

The Gingerbread Man

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the story of The Gingerbread Man. We learnt the text off by heart and compared it to other versions of the story. We even had one all the way from Austria We talked about which parts had changed and whether we liked or disliked these changes.

Following this we decided to make our own changes to the story… we had lots of amazing imaginative ideas!

This week we have planned our new story, drawn a new setting and created 4 new characters! Our stories are going to be amazing, we can’t wait to share them with our friends and make them into proper books!

Here we are hard at work, making sure our writing is the best it can be.